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The Spirit of Great Cuisine

Photo - Esprit de la cuisine

“Great cuisine comes from the heart and from the use of the very best natural food products” is how head chef of the Ecu de France restaurant, describes his master creativity.

Respectful of the natural taste of his food products he does not denature them and has always created exquisite dishes by combining the right herbs and seasonings to produce astonishing atypical tastes.

Guests at the Ecu de France restaurant are always amazed by what they discover on their plates.

The ultimate magical gourmet experience - be it at midday or at dusk.


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We are committed to catering to our guests’ wishes guaranteeing a very special personalized event. Our Maitre D’ and his team are at your service to provide the necessary atmosphere your guests will desire.

For expert wine advice our sommelier is at your service to help you find that exceptionally perfect wine which will accompany your gastronomic experience.

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