Established in 1717, the Ecu de France has gone down in history. Many a traveller of yesteryear needed a place to rest during their long journey and took advantage of our cozy abode on the banks of the Marne to spend a restful moment on our protected riverfront tree-lined terrace.

Pastoral, poetic and enchanting, the Marne River Valley is endowed with a rich history.  At the beginning of the 20th century numerous artists chose this idyllic setting to produce works which revolutionized 20th century painting.  Like the many artists, Parisian entrepreneurs also chose this region to escape the alcohol excise taxes inflicted upon them in Paris - one of the many reasons why the famous dining and dancing emporiums “les guinguettes” fled Paris and settled here.

A family tradition since 1920

Way back in 1920, the Ecu de France was an old postal station situated out in the country.

It has been managed by the Brousse family for 4 generations now.  For almost a century.
The Ecu de France has strived to be creative while preserving the reputed tradition of the establishment.  As a promoter of French gastronomy, the Brousse family contributed to the creation of the world-renowned “Traditions & Quality” guide, more commonly referred to today as the guide to the “Best tables of the world”.

During the Roaring 20’s the Ecu de France restaurant catered to many famous actors from the Paramont studeos of St Maurice and the Pathé Studeos of Joinville.  The grounds were also used for film shoots for scenes such as those in  “La Fleur de L’Age” directed by Nick Quinn, starring Pierre Arditi and Jean Pierre Mareille.

The Ecu de France was the choice of numerous famous movie stars,  political figures and  celebrities such as Mistinguette ( Jeanne Florintine Bourgeois), Jean Cocteau (“Beauty and the Beast”), Henri Verneuil (“The President”), the Duke of Windsor, the Shah of Iran, Jean Gabin, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Ursula Andress, Brigitte Bardot, Johnny Hallyday, Bernard Tapie and Christophe Lambert…etc.

Tranquillity on the Marne River

Only 15 minutes from Paris, the Ecu de France restaurant welcomes you to its tree-lined park terrace estate away from the humdrum of the city centre. 

Our restaurant is a breath of fresh air on the banks of the Marne river.  Take advantage of our wooded private park and naturally preserved environment dominated by the gentle flowing Marne river.  You will relish in the peacefulness of the river islands in this naturally preserved area of the Marne River Valley.

Lose yourself in the charm of our estate in an environment offering tranquillity with nature teasing your senses.